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Sweatheory is the first all-in-one health, infrared sauna, and fitness studio designed with full body wellness in mind. From unique infrared yoga and fitness classes to their Vitamin IVs, they have created an oasis where all your health needs live under one roof. Sweatheory provides you with whole body wellness – wellness of mind, body, and spirit. From the healing and restorative benefits of their infrared saunas to the boutique wellness services, it’s an experience like no other to help you feel your best.

LifeFood Organic Marketplace

LifeFood makes finding your favorite healthy snacks and home goods easy, simple, and affordable. LifeFood began with a vision of bringing all of your favorite healthy snacks and essential nutrient-rich food all under one diverse marketplace. Finding all of your favorite nutritious treats, and vegan-friendly goodies shouldn’t be hard. So, they made it simple! LifeFood has curated all of the very best healthy grab n’ go treats that you love, and we provide them in a vast online marketplace for all ages. Discovering your next favorite goodie is just a click away!